About us

One of the important issues that imposed itself on the development of the higher education system in universities and educational institutions is the issue of employing information and communication technology to improve the educational process, develop the performance of the administrative and financial sectors, and follow up on academic affairs at all levels. The development axis included the human cadres of faculty members, teaching assistants and assistant teachers, as well as those working in educational institutions to use information technology, each in its field, and to ensure the integration of other development axes to achieve the desired goals of development, and then the central unit for information technology training was established as one of the service center units e-learning and knowledge, with funding from the ICTP project, to develop an information technology training system in higher education institutions and follow up on the system's performance to achieve the desired goals.

the vision

Spreading the culture of using information technology professionally within higher education institutions.

the message

Improving the skills of faculty members, their assistants, and university workers in the field of information and communication technology, in order to reach them to the highest levels of performance and to maximize the benefit from the continuous development in this field.


Develop general policies to train faculty members, assistants and university employees on information and communication technology skills to raise the level of performance in the educational, research and administrative process in universities. Spreading awareness of the culture of "IT training for all" to ensure continuous development Central follow-up of training and testing procedures to ensure the quality of training Central follow-up to manage the resources available in the training centers in universities Establishing an integrated system for training on information and communication technology tools, from trained human cadres, capabilities and equipment in universities. For more, you can visit the official website of the project by clicking on the link on the side page